Why Advertise?

Businesses need to advertise

By telling people “what’s in it for them” as your customer, you can drive business growth.

Advertise to reach new customers

You might be famous in your own right. But there are a lot of people who have no idea you exist. Maybe they’ve just moved into the area. Or the country. Or a stage in their life where your product or service is relevant. People usually choose businesses or services they’ve already heard of, rather than going with the unknown.

Advertise to “be there "

Getting known is only one role of advertising. Being there at the critical point of the cycle - when a customer decides to buy – is another. It’s all about being on their “mental shopping list.”
It’s also known as “top of mind.”
Business is a series of opportunities, and unless your name is out there with timely and targeted advertising, your competitor takes the win. Customers need reminding that you exist.

Advertise to tell them why

In this information age consumers can easily compare prices, quality and service.  Information delivered by consistent and targeted advertising can influence the decision-making process.

Advertise for the long term

The advertising you do today speaks to potential customers whose buying decision may be weeks, months, or even years away.  Advertisers who are in for the long haul can enjoy unconditional – even irrational – levels of loyalty from customers. And that’s an advantage competitors can’t steal.

Advertise because your competitors do

There are a limited number of consumers in the market actually ready to buy at any one time.  You need to advertise to keep your share of customers - or lose them to more aggressive competitors.

By telling people “what’s in it for them” as your customer, you can drive business growth.